Disappearing Arguments Wildcard thanks to Windows File Association Crap

For whatever reason my python suddenly stops running properly.

Specifically, it wouldn’t accept any parameter passed to python files that I ran without prepending python.

A quick search on Google and I found out why and solved it like so (in case anybody runs into it too):

Open up Registry Editor by typing regedit in command console.
Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\py_auto_file\shell\open\command

You’ll see something like
“C:\Python27\python.exe” “%1”

Double click and just add %* at the end like so
“C:\Python27\python.exe” “%1” %*

and voila, it will accept parameters again!

New Tool – Android Studio

Got myself a new tool the other day called Android Studio. Here’s some things that came to mind while testing it out.

1. Gradle
I’ve been using Ant since forever. Its fully customizable but freaking complex. It’s very powerful and it works really good so I use it for small & simple projects. If Ant was an OS it would be LINUX. Meanwhile, I use Maven whenever I work on huge projects. It doesn’t allow for much room for freedom; you have to follow their rules all the way or write a plugin which is a bit durrhurr. In this respect I Maven definitely acts like a MS WINDOWS. Gradle? It’s like splicing Brad Pitt’s DNA with Albert Einstein’s: brilliantly smart & handsomely cute! Of course, this build tool runs in the background so…

2. Drag & Drop GUI
I use nano, vi, and notepad++ for almost all of my Android project previously… this feature evokes the same thought I had while using Microsoft Visual Studio. “Very Happiness!”, “Mightily Joyful!”, and “Abundantly Delighted!” comes to mind.

3. Code Completion
Gone were the oldskool days where I can memorized Java 1.3 docs and can code with pencil and paper… and compile them with no errors… frequent memory loss (damn you alcohol!) makes this feature a much needed and welcomed addition.

4. User Interface
Which would you use to cut down a tree: a swiss army knife or a chainsaw built exactly to cut down trees? Eclipse is like a swiss army knife: it can be used for anything, even creating Android apps. Android Studio is built for the sole purpose to create Android apps. Production definitely shot up after using it for a while.

5. Workspaces
Do not move projects between workspaces in Eclipse or you will forever suffer the pain of WTFness! Eclipse is the only IDE that restarts itself when you change workspaces. Seriously.

Verdict: I’m moving to Android Studio 😀

New Super Secret Project Unveiled

It all starts with Why.

Why am I doing this project? To connect REAL people with similar interest in REAL time by playing games.

So far, all I can reveal is that this project is web based and has gaming components. Oh, and it’s running on cutting edge technology.

You can play versus games, co-op games, and even team games.

Coming soon!

1 Year Hiatus

We’re back after 1 year hiatus. A friend of mine working at BMW branch in Sabah asked me for help to handle the IT section. Specifically, implement new system, and make sure everything runs at the newly completed building. Initially I was like meh, but after asking me for the third time in late 2012, I said ok.

It was pretty messy; upgrading the internet and email infrastructure was ok. Then we implemented the new dealership system and most of the users were blur and kept asking me stuff which has nothing to do with the system. Managed to sort it out, and then we had to move to the new building, where hell started. First, the friggin electrician doesn’t want to move the MK Commando socket from the old building to the new because going to the old building wasn’t included in his contract. I finally said fine and went and got the job done during the weekend. I had to dismantle and reassemble an IEC 60309 Commando Socket for the BMW ISIS server (which I had to carry up to third floor with a few guys because the elevator was not running yet) just because some guy wants to work to the letter.

The network cable was then installed but we had no landline because the telco forgot to lay the lines. After playing ping-pong-pass-the-caller I finally learned that the application for new line was not processed because they “might have” misplaced my application a couple of months ago. What’s worse, since this is a business subscription I can’t simply get a new line; I need to do some bureaucracy dance just to find out which prick handles our account. Needless to say, i hate TMNET and MCMC for their red tapes.

Then a few of the car diagnostic tools called ISID died; apparently from harddisk failure. Had to fix all the friggin mess within a week because the boss wanted to open shop before the chinese ghost month where the gates of hell open and ghostly customers come and buy their ghostly cars or something. In the end, everything turns out ok. Shop opened, they had a grand opening night, and luxury cars are sold and repaired.

There is something you should understand about the way I work. When you need me but do not want me, then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, then I have to go. So, seeing that I’m no longer needed, I left to continue making game changing software.

—– Nov 2012 – Nov 2013